* Organisational Development / Process Consulting

* Leadership / Staff Training and Development
* Intercultural Competence / Communication
* Vocational Training Skills
* Social Media and Cross-Cultural Communication
* Supervision
* Company Health Management

Intercultural experience - optimal solutions

In the increasingly global world of business, key intercultural competencies strongly impact business relationships across borders. Knowing how to deal with intercultural challenges facilitates success and eases communication. Especially for top level management and intercultural teams.

Mundos Partners is able to help you develop competencies related to intercultural diversity. Highly interactive courses and a customised approach to you specific needs enable you to successfully collaborate with partners, suppliers, clients and global teams.

Country specific focus: Germany and Latin-America.

Our customers:


  • Corporations
  • Public Services and Government Organizations
  • Educational Sector
  • NGOs
  • Top level Management
  • Global Teams
  • Expats (living or moving to a new living environment)
  • Impats (living or moving to Germany)


We provide you an optimal preparation to achieve your intercultural goals, while taking your business, your expertise and your professional experiences into consideration. We support you to constructively manage cultural differences and cross-cultural encounters.